Dahlia Tree of life print

The tree of life is an important symbol throughout the world in many cultures, however its an important and often seen image in Indian iconography. 

During my first trips to India I stayed in a hotel which had a very calming and peaceful atmosphere. There is a huge carved wooden tree of life in the reception surrounded by twinkling fountains. After a couple of years returning home late at night to the hotel after a full on, creatively uplifting, number crunching, factory floor debating, production issue solving, relationship repairing & completely jet lagged and exhausting day, it has become a reminder of all of those things. 

The tree of life reminds us about having strong roots grounded in good values and also the need to reach up to strive and grow every day.  For these reasons I decided that my engagement ring would be the shape of the leaf from the tree of life.

The Swann obsession with the garden, heightened by the challenges of lockdown and enhanced by the gift of sunshine throughout the summer of 2020 meant I was surrounded by abundant and beautiful flowering plants here at home and the jewel in the crown were the Dahlias.